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Our social media managers specialize in expanding target audiences and converting social activity to website traffic and, ultimately, sales.

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Did you know that 55% of all consumers have bought something online after discovering it on social media?


It takes a special skill set and process to produce great design that sells more. Over the years we honed in on a winning formula that works.

Studio + Social Media = Growth

Platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest are very effective places to connect with your potential customers, but because social media is constantly evolving and becoming more complex, it can be difficult to generate meaningful results that matter to your business.

At StoreOcean, we pair our passion for creative social media strategies with our eCommerce knowhow to grow your business. We apply data-driven marketing techniques to refine your messaging and improve important metrics like conversions, traffic and leads.

Authentic Storytelling

Creating a Relatable Experience

Great design isn't just beautiful, it's thoughtful and goal-oriented. We will research your businss and target market in order to craft you an experience that drives sales.

Optimized Ads

Catered to your Audience

Get the biggest bang from your budget with expertly optimized ads. At StoreOcean, we continually refine that ads we create utilizing key audience demographics, along with multi-variable and A/B testing.

Community Engagement + Fostering Growth

Establishing Brand Loyalty

A loyal following takes effort. We focus on authentic interaction that connects with your target audience. Our goal is always to foster a sense of community around your business, products and service to create loyal brand advocates.

A Social Media Strategy for Every Business
We offer varying degrees of social media management servics that includes organic, paid and crative forms of social marketing. There is something for everyone.

Organic Posts & Engagement

Many business owners simply don't have time to manage their social media channels. At StoreOcean, we post content regularly to meet your branding goals across the channels that are important to your bottom line.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Our team will launch optimized social media ad campaigns designed to reach your stategic goals like higher traffic volume, lead generation, increased profile likes and follows, and more. After launch, our social media experts will closely manage and monitor ads to ensure the right target market is reached at the most effective cost within your budget.

Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is unique because it's a social search engine with more than 2 billion searches each month! Often overlooked,it's a profitable platform for eCommerce stores. Shoppers can reach you organically or through ads that are seamlessly integrated into search results. Our team creates hyper-targeted ads to reach the audience most likely to convert for your business.

Community Growth & Engagement

Before launching a social media campaign, we assess the right audiences to target. We then continually build upon those groups and grow a devoted fan base through regular engagement to build a real community around your brand.

Influencer Marketing

Utilizing Influencers to promote your brand is an effective strategy to grow your audience, build trust, and promote your products. Influencers can place your products at the forefront with just a post, Instagram Story or even YouTube video. We'll identify the right influencers for your brand to ensure you reach the right people.

Content Creation

We utilize audience demographics to inform a smart content strategy that will resonate with your target market. From branded assets and lifestyle content to product photography, we always present your brand professionally with a creative twist.

What to Expect
Whether you've worked with a different marketing agency or not, we are proud to say that StoreOcean does things differently.
Here's how we work:

Open Communication

No matter what tier of social plan you choose, we're here to communicate every step of your social project from our initial research phase to content recommendations. Depending on your specific business needs, we offer different types of email and phone support so you're always in-the-know.

Google Analytics Integration

Leveraging Google Analytics allows your Social Manager to report on how social channels are interacting with your website and is the best way to ensure we're tracking performance accurately. Utilizing this data allows us to better track your customers offline habits, and expand your target audience.

Social Media Profile Optimization

We ensure all of your social media profiles meet industry best practices and your branding goals. This allows you to present yourself professionally while allowing search engines like Google and Bing to understand the context of your profiles.

Monthly Reporting

Transparency is a core tenant of our values. We provide you with a detailed, monthly report that outlines important KPIs, activity and developments from your social media campaigns.

Social Media Psting and Advertising

Our different social media tiers allow you to choose the exact plan that works best for your business. Our team can post multiple times per week on a variety of social platforms to ensure we have a wide reach of potential customers. We utilize a mix of organic and paid content to showcase your brand effectively.

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