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Ecommerce SEO is what we do:

We've helped 1,000s of stores rank higher in Google search results and grow their organic sales.

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Our SEO Process

"If you build it, they will come" isn't true when it comes to websites. Our proven SEO process sends a constant flow of customers to your site.

1. SEO Audit

An informed SEO strategy yields far better results. We start every engagement with an audit that includes technical, visibility and optimization analysis.

2. On-Page SEO

We apply expert keyword research, tag optimization and on-page content so that the search engines understand exactly where to send potential customers.

3. Targeted Content

A strong content strategy is the cornerstone of effective SEO and reaches your target market at every stage of the purchase process.

4. Measurement & Evaluation

Our techniques earn the off-page authority your site needs to build search visibility and entice actively searching customers to shop with you.


There are Two Main Ways to Grow Your Business with SEO
(we do both!)

1) On-Page SEO

Technical Optimization
If done correctly, the structure of your website will allow search engines to crawl and understand your store. Our team will ensure your site is correctly structured and following best practices.

Keyword Research
Expert keyword research identifies the best revenue-generating terms using variables such as relevance, search volume and competiton.

Meta Tag Optimization
Tags are critical to the search engines. From canonicals to title tags and beyond, our team knows how to structure and optimize these valuable pieces of website real estate.

Content Strategy
Get your site in front of more shoppers with a comprehensive content strategy that targets different parts of the purchase cycle.

2) Off-Page SEO

Backlink Analysis
We investigate your site's current link profile to gauge its quality and uncover opportunities for improvement.

YouTube Optimization
Make sure your videos are easy to discover. Our team applies keyword research and search intent expertie to ensure your videos are front and center.

Link Building
A strong link profile is tied to higher ranking. Our team knows how to earn high quality links that can tip the ranking scale in your favor.

Competitive Analysis
Our team takes the time to understand the keywords, channels and strategies your competitors are utilizing in order to position your store effectively.

Why Invest in SEO?

Because it's FREE traffic... let us explain.

Search Engine Optimization ensures active shoppers can find you in the unpaid Google search results. Solid SEO work yields compounding results over time and delivers very specific searches to the correct page on your website, which leads to a higher sales conversion rate. This work is essential to the long-term health of your website.

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